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Find Genealogy Blogs and Family History Websites for Back Links

To get a solid SEO foundation for our Genealogy Blogs and Family History Websites, yesterday I decided to do a little research and found a good resource for back links. No blogger or a website owner wants to be on the 10th page of Google, Bing or even on Yahoo on targeted keywords. I set out for a hunt to find few good Genealogy Blogs and Family  History Websites to get some back links for Moonnanappallil Family website.

Genealogy Blogs and Family History Websites

Family History

Keeping in mind that, with recent Google’s back lash on over SEO and link building scam, I had to be very careful and find some good neighborhood for back links. From what I understand, with the recent Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, a website can lose its page rank and credibility, because of the backs links it has from a bad neighborhood. Let me make that clear; you may not be doing over SEO or link spamming but if a website is linked to your site is doing all the dirty SEO jobs, you could also be in trouble. Yes, your site will be penalized for hanging around in the bad SEO neighborhood.

Back to my story. I did a search and where did I landed???!

A neat, healthy and clean neighborhood of bloggers community,  on the predominant niche “genealogy and family history“.

Why GeneaBloggers is a Clean SEO Neighborhood? has listed about 2500 or more genealogy blogs and family history websites and they are all handpicked by the owners of the website. They review each and every blog before it’s listed in the directory.

Yesterday I visited about 15 to 20 blogs listed in GeneaBloggers and most of them are written by professional genealogists or amateurs who  are passionate about bring out family history.  The best part is that, they are not SEO experts. I am not saying that SEO experts are bad or not being an SEO expert is good. What I am trying to say is that, the authors of those blogs are more focused on the content of the blog ranter than worried about the SEO part of it. I am not saying either, that they are all SEO illiterate but they are SEO minimalists.

You need SEO, but overdoing it…will kill your blog or website. Could it be genealogy or technology niche, the website is not going to be up for a long time with bad SEO tricks. So far I think, the blogs listed in GeneaBloggers are a good place to build safe back links for your website.

Features of GeneaBloggers

1) GeneaBloggers is a free website to get your Genealogy Blogs and Family History Websites to be listed. Paid back links are a bad SEO choice and finding a reputed site is not an easy task these days.

2) Your blog feeds are syndicated to GeneaBloggers and you get a wider range of readership from people with similar interests.

3) Meet other genealogists (armatures and professionals) and exchange ideas and views. Get inspiration and ideas from other Genealogy Blogs and Family History Websites (I didn’t mean steal ideas or content).

4) Several group activities for the bloggers to participate in.

5) Daily blogging prompts to join in, to get more traffic and readership to your genealogy blogs or family history websites.

6) The owner of the GeneaBloggers site, Thomas MacEntee is a real cool guy. For any help with the site listings, he is just an email away.

So, if you are looking for a decent and clean neighborhood to get some good back links for your  Genealogy Blogs or Family History Websites, check out and submit your blog. Soon you will find out that, you are getting much more than back links.

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